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Local Solar Energy 
Serving NE Kansas and Missouri




Residential & Commercial

We can size a system to meet the needs of your home's usage whether it be rooftop or a ground mount. We are also prepared and skilled to install any large scale commercial system including non profits and community centers


Battery Backup & Storage

We are trained and experienced in installing backup batteries and extra storage so you can hang onto the power you create and use once the sun goes down. Batteries are a great resource for off-grid systems and major power outages.

Electric Car Charger

EV Integration 

EV integrated inverters, EV charging stations, and more options to power your home with your electric vehicle.


RV & Solar Lights

Power on the go! Convert your RV/Van to utilize solar.

Our Solar Around Town

Customer Reviews 

"Edmond with Ra Power did a fantastic job on our rooftop solar install. When I first started getting quotes from different solar companies, Edmond was always more responsive than any of the other companies I reached out to. He explained everything very well, and answered all our questions. He handled all the permitting, and coordinated the inspections at the end. During the install he worked quickly and efficiently. Always cleaning up things after he was done for the day. We couldn't be happier with our choice of Ra Power for our solar system."

Richard, Homeowner

"I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Edmond patiently answered every question and made clear everything he was going to do and when ... and did it. I was stunned how quickly we went from "interested" to making power, and he's STILL answering my dumb questions."

Andrew, Homeowner

"Ra Power provided a turnkey project which fit our needs perfectly. The 9.4KW, 22 panel system with microinverters is providing excess power almost all days our power usage since start up in May 2022 Refreshing to work with the salesman electrician and installer as one person. All the work is excellent and my recommendation could not be higher"

Robin, Homeowner

"I got solar quotes from 5 companies in the local area, Ra Power was by far the most helpful and reasonably priced. The system is producing more power than he estimated, so that's definitely a plus!"

Matthew, Homeowner

"Ra Power Solar just completed our residential installation of an 11.47 kW, 31 panel, Solaria Power XT 370 system with Enphase iQ7 microinverters. While getting to know Edmond during the quote process, he was super patient with my many questions and was genuinely wanting to help educate me on the pros and cons of solar systems. Edmond stuck to his bid even when the logistics of the installation got complicated and he took extra time to source the panels that we felt best fit our application. His install has a super clean look, he didn't leave any construction remnants, and he was very efficient. He even took extra time to cut to size the critter guard for our system. I truly believe he has a passion for helping customers find affordable solar solutions for their homes. I would absolutely recommend Edmond and Ra Power Solar to anyone that is looking to convert to solar. Edmond was a pleasure to work with and I know that he will be great for your family or business as well. You must get a quote from Ra Power Solar, you won't regret it!"

Cale, Homeowner

"Edmond helped our farm get solar and was so helpful. He wasn’t intimidating or scary and he took very good care of our family. We highly recommend Ra Power!"

Colleen, Farm Owner

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